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Feel lifted.  Feel enlightened.  Overcome.


Get ready to be set free.

You don't have to settle for a mediocre life.  Learn how to overcome limiting patterns and find your freedom again.



Chakra Energy Healing Session

Let's identify the areas within your body that need support with universal (divine) energy.  You will experience relaxation and lightness.  You will be given tools to work on your own healing at home.

30 Min - 45$ / 60 Min - 85$


Intuitive Guidance

Receive guidance about your life path and experience healing regarding your particular blockages that are keeping you from abundant living.

30 Min - 45$ / 60 Min - 85$

Personal Crystal Instruction


Learn how to use crystals based on your body's energy.  Experience crystal energy and learn how to apply it to different areas on the body or in the home for maximum relief.

30 Min - $45


Distance Healing

I can offer the same personalized healing session to clients that cannot be physically present.  My distance healing session includes any information I am given by your angels or guides combined with a healing.  These sessions can be very specific and can be used for any purpose to include physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

30 Min - $45 / 60 Min - $85


Offsite Healing Events

Allow the clientele of your healing, retreat or yoga center to experience Intuitive Healings for a period of time. 

Contact for Pricing


Group Class: Intro to Chakras & Crystals

Contact me to schedule a group class at your venue.  Your group will understand where each chakra is located, what it represents and how to know if it is out of balance.  They will also learn how to use crystals and gemstones to achieve the ultimate balance in their systems.  This is an experiential energy healing class.

Contact for pricing



Welcome to my site.  If you've wandered here, chances are you've been guided to find some answers about your life path or purpose and may need some healing to overcome any obstacles that are hindering your spiritual growth.  I would love to help you.  


I come with a humble heart to serve the planet and all of humanity that seeks me out.  I have been gifted with knowledge, sight, feeling and hearing from other realms that I use to assist you in understanding your true identity and to align you with your Higher Self. 

My gifts come from Spirit.  I work through Spirit and I honor Spirit.


My Healing Space


27925 Hwy 74, Ste B

Evergreen, CO 80439


Tel: 615-517-5876

Email: rene.ferreira1@gmail.com


Mon - Fri: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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